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  • So, What the Hell is BooksGoSocial?

    Laurence O'Bryan


    Laurence O'Bryan, founder of shares with us his story and explains how his platform empowers authors from all over the world. 

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  • Market Your Books with an Author Website

    Vann Baker


    One of the realities of self-publishing is the fact that you’re in charge of your marketing and promotion of your books. 

    While most publishing platforms offer some marketing tools within each platform, to maximize your book sales, build your brand and grow your audience, authors need a professional website and sound marketing strategy.

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  • Writers Boon in The Write Life's "Best Websites For Writers In 2018" list!

    Writers Boon


    Many thanks to The Write Life for including Writers Boon in their list of 100 Best Websites For Writers 2018!

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  • Best opening lines from contemporary authors
    Part 1

    Carol Vorvain


    Opening a new book is like landing in a foreign country. Those initial few seconds are always unforgettable.They draw me in or … they spit me out. And I have to gasp for air. In homage to the torture that each author goes through to find the best hook, I am posting some of my favorites.  

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  • Writers Deals January Alert

    Let the savings fall right into your lap!


    Finally someone saves your… pocket!

    Each week, on Writers Boon some of the best publishing and marketing professionals offer to our member authors huge discounts on their regular fees. And when we say huge, we mean huge: from 15% to 50% discount! What a feast!

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  • Make Your Own Book Christmas Tree

    Carol Vorvain


    What better way to save the poor pine trees than making your own Christmas tree out of books?

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  • How to Write a Book Proposal That Sells
    Part Two

    Lee Constantine


    In part one of this article, we talked about the first major thing acquiring editors at major publishing companies look at. Today we continue with the other 4 things authors should pay attention to when writing a book proposal. 

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  • How to Write a Book Proposal That Sells
    Part One

    Lee Constantine


    Book proposals are used to sell books to publishers.

    Your proposal is an argument to receive investment, or to get acquired. Hence the role of the acquisitions editor. If a publisher is convinced, it contracts you and pays you to write the book.

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  • 5 Simple, Yet Powerful Edits

    Deborah Singerman


    Clear, concise and consistent – these words delight editors.

    In this article, you’ll learn a few tricks that all writing heroes have in common and how you too can transform your book from a rough diamond into a gleaming jewel.

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  • What is PCIP Data?
    Discover the Facts & Dispel the Myths

    Lisa A. Shiel


    The world of library cataloging involves a lot of jargon and specialized knowledge that can confuse the layman. When one person innocently misunderstands what they read about PCIP data, they can may pass along their misconceptions to others. It doesn't help that PCIP data is also known as CIP data, cataloging data, and bibliographic data. 

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