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  • 5 Simple, Yet Powerful Edits

    Deborah Singerman


    Clear, concise and consistent – these words delight editors.

    In this article, you’ll learn a few tricks that all writing heroes have in common and how you too can transform your book from a rough diamond into a gleaming jewel.

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  • What is PCIP Data?
    Discover the Facts & Dispel the Myths

    Lisa A. Shiel


    The world of library cataloging involves a lot of jargon and specialized knowledge that can confuse the layman. When one person innocently misunderstands what they read about PCIP data, they can may pass along their misconceptions to others. It doesn't help that PCIP data is also known as CIP data, cataloging data, and bibliographic data. 

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  • What Authors Can Learn from Goats

    Carol Vorvain


    Puppies, kitties - sweet creatures that eat before we do. Of course, that's the correct pecking order.

    Having said that, I have a confession to make: I am unabashedly head over heels in love with goats. I own two: Cookie and Boubu. And, as I write this, I gaze out at them through the window.

     How did this happen? Well, it was fate and a bunch of wrong assumptions.

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  • Ask the Editor: Tips on Revising a Novel
    Part 1

    Adrienne Moch, Susan Hughes, Penny Cockerill, Michele Perry, Vonnie York, Molly Terry


    It’s all done and finished. Well, almost. You’ve typed The End. However, you feel like the hard work is only beginning. For many authors, revision time is anything but fun.

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  • Book Marketing Mistakes Bestselling Authors Do Not Make

    Carol Vorvain


    Treating your writing as a hobby, not as a business. No mailing list.

    Ignoring SEO. Promoting a free ebook.

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  • Can Climate Fiction Save the World?

    Lorin Robinson


    Used to be that when people ran out of things to say, conversations almost inevitably turned to the weather.  But now conversations often begin with the weather as the impact of global warming becomes increasingly and lamentably apparent.

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  • Tricky Legal Issues for Writers. A Comprehensive Guide.
    Part Three

    Carol Vorvain


    Is using memorable lyrics in your book a good idea?

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  • How to Put Your Writing Where Your Mouth (and Man Bun) Is

    Suzan St Maur


    It all started with a comment from a frolleague (friend/colleague) who read one of my rather rude poems about Man Buns.

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  • Tricky Legal Issues for Writers. A Comprehensive Guide.
    Part Two

    Carol Vorvain


    Unless you have a vivid imagination, there is a high chance your characters are inspired, more or less by real people. I call them the shadows.

    Now, the shadows might be thrilled to be in a novel and play the role of a charming young man or of a powerful fairy that brings happiness to everyone. Or, the shadows might be furious for being the inspiration for an old, grumpy witch or a serial killer. Sometimes it’s okay. Until it’s not so okay.

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  • What was your best moment of the last five years?

    Aimée Marie Bejarano, Caryl McAdoo, Gigi Griffis and Lindsey Jayne


    Each month on Writers Boon Blog, writers take on questions about the world of books. This week, Aimée Marie Bejarano, Caryl McAdoo, Gigi Griffis and Lindsey Jayne share their best moments of the last five years.


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