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  • 12 Writing Tips for Every Zodiac Sign
    Part 2

    Astrology is 100% true unless you don’t agree with it


    Zodiac Signs


    In part one of this article, we tackled the first six zodiac signs. Now, guess what? Following our wise advice, all those writers wrote only bestsellers. It's your turn! Hey, don't be selfish, share the article with your other writer friends so you can all get rich and famous. cheeky

    LIBRA: The quiet observer

    You worry too much and this makes you procrastinate. Let go of the idea that every reader must like your writing. Get crackin’. Just write and, if it pleases you, that’s good enough. You love to explore human condition and you do so with great talent and an acute sense of observation. To create, you need aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

    Famous Libra writers: Anne Rice, William Faulkner, Oscar Wilde.


    SCORPIO: The haunted one

    Your intensity is second to none. When you write, you write like your life depends on it, day and night. Your passion and confidence make you an impressive writer. You feel the urge to turn personal events and hardships into magical stories. This is your way of dealing with the past. Writing helps you to let go. 

    Famous Scorpio writers: Sylvia Plath, Margaret Atwood, Voltaire.


    SAGITTARIUS: The great jovial satirist 

    You are as touched by injustice as your Aquarius friend. Through writing, you punish injustice and reward the virtuous.  Subjects such as law and religion fascinate you.You find beauty in the least likely places. Your humour is subtle, but always present.  As a freedom loving philosopher of the zodiac, you love to travel and many of your stories take place in far away lands. 
    The only problem is that sometimes, when you get discouraged, you tend to give up. Don’t. Start changing things around and keep going. 

    Famous Sagittarius writers: George Eliot, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen. 


    CAPRICORN: The Master Planner

    You are a workaholic. A reliable, disciplined, steady writer.  However, you forget one thing: you need rest to come up with insightful , new ideas. Learn to take a step back from time to time or,  you will soon see writing as a burden.  Writing is a privilege, something you feel you must do. There are many ways to reach the top. 

    Famous Capricorn writers: J.D. Salinger, Edgar Allen Poe, Nicholas Sparks.


    AQUARIUS: The hippie elitist

    Unpredictable and with an inquisitive, inventive mind you have a way with words.  Injustice ignite your passion for writing. You are the advocate of the weak and the righteous. You dream of creating something big and unique, but stars advise you to start small for now and have patience. Don’t give up. You can’t conquer the world in one day. Start writing: adventure novels, travel novels,  science fiction, whatever tickles your fancy.  Don’t be afraid to veer off into experimentation.  After all, you are a free thinker. Just make sure you finish one novel before starting another. 

    Famous Aquarius writers: James Joyce, Toni Morrison, Lord Byron.


    PISCES: The dreamer

    You have a vivid imagination, but you lack confidence. This is why most of your ideas get trapped in your head. You doubt that you can ever make money writing or get famous. Well, you shouldn’t. With your talent and imagination nothing is impossible. Deep down you know you are an artist. So, stop moaning, start writing and miracles will happen. You are a born philosopher and  your novels are particularly good when exploring inner struggles.

    Famous Pisces writers: Ralph Ellison, Victor Hugo, Dr Seuss.