Listing Submission Guidelines

Listings Submission Guidelines

Writers Boon only accepts submissions from businesses related to the publishing industry.

Writers Boon only accepts submissions from good quality websites, businesses and individuals. All listings are reviewed and approved by human editors, not computers. This is to ensure that all the information at is of high quality and as up-to-date as possible. We reserve the right to reject the listings that do not meet our submission terms below or don’t comply with our Terms of Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and FAQ.

Please read below our submission terms.

Listing Topic

To increase your visibility, please submit your listing to the most relevant topic. When selecting a topic, to ensure that it is the right topic for your listing, you can hover over it and read the description provided.

You can also use the Search function to filter the topics.

Most of the topics are divided into three categories: Experts, Tools & Apps, How-To Guides.

Under Experts, submit listings advertising your professional services.

Under Tools & Apps, submit listings advertising software tools and applications.

Under How-To Guides, submit listings advertising Books, individual Blog Posts, Webinars, Podcasts and Courses educating authors on that particular topic. Please do not submit links to your entire blog.

If you are unsure what is the most suitable topic for your listing or if you have a suggestion for a new topic, please contact us. We are here to help.

Listing Content

When you create / edit a listing please note the following:

  • all content must be in English
  • all content must be related to publishing
  • content must not be illegal, inappropriate, misleading, badly written
  • content must not contain adult material or copyright infringing material, must not promote gambling online, hatred, violence
  • all content must be accurate and up to date.


Please note the following:

  • you must have an fully operational (not under construction) website. "Pages" on social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, etc., do not qualify as official websites
  • the site must not redirect to another site 
  • the site content must be written in English
  • the site must be relevant to authors / publishing industry.

We do not accept sites containing:

  • adult material, such as sexual imagery, adult videos, sex-oriented products and so forth
  • copyright infringing material, or other type of illegal content
  • or sites that promote gambling online, hatred and violence.

Listing Logo

Adding your Listing Logo under your Listing Details is not mandatory. However, we highly recommend it. Your Listing  Logo will make your listing stand out.

When submitting your Logo, please note the following:

  • you should have permission for reproduction for the image you upload
  • images must be in .png .gif or .jpg format
  • max file size is 1Mb


Please add your rate and select your currency and unit. If you require a pricing unit that we don’t cover, please contact us.

Or, just provide the link to your pricing page.


Adding offers is not mandatory, but please keep in mind that authors are more likely to click on discounted services or products.

After creating the listing, you can add multiple offers for it. Just enter the name, dates, offer details and the fine print.