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  • How Does Writers Boon Help Indie Authors with Marketing and the Business Aspect of Publishing?

    Carol Vorvain


    Book Marketing

    Carol Vorvain (@writersboon) is an Australian international lawyer, mediator, author and founder of Writers Boon. Her books, When Dreams are CallingWhy not? - The island where happiness starts with a question and  A Fool in Istanbul - The adventures of a self-denying workaholic have been featured in a number of travel magazines including the International Traveller magazine and can be found in libraries, bookstores and on Amazon.

    The high calling of literature – a dream. Nowadays, the real literary labor can be resumed in one word: self-promotion – a nightmare.

    In an era where you tweet and shout, plead for reviews and interviews, write an orgy of blogs, scream for attention trying hard to peddle your work, Writers Boon helps authors “step up the show.”


    1. It provides guidance, tips & resources on the most difficult topic for writers: Marketing & PR.

    You learn about all the different types of book marketing and how they help you to sell more books :

    • Content marketing. Find out more about  author & book videos, virtual book tours, public speaking, content distribution & promotion, interactive content tools, press releases and so on.
    • Social Media marketing. Discover new social sharing buttons, scheduling tools & tactics, social monitoring  tools. As an author - entrepreneur you don’t want to miss any comments or mentions on your books.
    • Email marketing.  Browse different email templates for your newsletter, email service providers, list building tools that help you find email address and get in touch quickly with more readers or bloggers.
    • Advertising. Choose between book promo sites, online magazines, Facebook ads.
    • SEO. Pick keywords research tools for your website, key metadata elements of your book, your videos, social media and Amazon.

    If confused or unsure about something, you can always head to the Q&A section. You’ll get expert, clear, reliable answers from Writers Boon Pros.

    Then, the witch hunt starts. Just kidding. There are no witches on the platform. Only some of the most trusted Experts, DIY Tools, Webinars & Courses. Yes, Writers Boon is the only platform that features not only experts, but also DIY Tools & Apps for DIY writers.

    All the resources are:

    • Trusted & curated by Writers Boon publishing professionals
    • Well-organized in 250+ topics and subtopics
    • With complete profiles and direct contact forms
    • Some offer big discounts, which is why Writers Boon is considered the Groupon for writers.

    Why pay more on a cover designer or editor or writing tool if you can pay less?

    Find book experts and DIY tools. Discover the best deals in publishing.

    2. It keeps you posted with all the publishing events and book fairs around the world with a free Calendar of Events. Schmooze or lose, we say. Mingle with other authors, publishers, book marketing experts and make a name for yourself.

    3. It helps you ‘Get Out there’! Seriously, that’s the name of our newest feature. And, it’s a biggie.

    Our Writers Boon Book Discoverability tools help you pump up the buzz like a pro.


    • Quozimus: Put your best quote forward and we’ll do the rest. We’ll turn your quotes into beautiful shareable cards and create a book page where readers can watch the trailer, read more, share it & buy it.
    • InBookish: Get noticed. Gain readership. Get interviewed.
    • Pinnisbook: It does exactly what it suggests. It spreads the word about your book on Pinterest.

    Not sure which one to choose? Pick all. And keep your money in your pocket - because they are absolutely free.

    Promote your book with Writers Boon book discoverability tools.