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  • Writers Deals February Alert

    Let the savings fall right into your lap!


    Writers Deals


    Finally someone saves your… pocket!

    Each week, on Writers Boon some of the best publishing and marketing professionals offer to our member authors huge discounts on their regular fees. And when we say huge, we mean huge: from 15% to 50% discount! What a feast!

    Here's an example of how you can save:

    Service Regular Fee Other Platforms Cost Writers Boon Cost Your Savings
    Editing $2,500 $2,500 + 15%(commission)
    = $2,875
    $2,500 - 20%(discount) = $2,000  $875
    Cover Design $1,000 $1,000 + 15%(commission) = $1,150 $1,000 - 25%(discount) = $750 $400
    Marketing Course $150 $150 + 15%(commission) = $175.50 $150 - 50%(discount)
    = $75
    * Editing, design and courses are only a few examples. Writers Boon covers 180+ topics. Everything you need. Your savings may vary based on the service providers you choose.

    Amazing experts and awesome deals:

    1. ProWritingAid, Editing Software
    2. Jason Matthews, Blogging Courses
    3. Ink 2 Cinema, Book Trailer Production

    In an age where all the prices go up, Writers Boon, a discounted marketplace for writers, keeps them down.

    Last Month’s Most Wanted. Unique Deals.

    Get ’em while they’re still active.

    1. Elizabeth Jewell, Editor
    2. MAP Systems, Book Cover Designer
    3. PenPower Book Marketing, Marketer

    Instant savings awaits you.

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