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  • Make Your Own Book Christmas Tree

    Carol Vorvain


    Books Christmas Tree

    Carol Vorvain (@writersboon) is an Australian international lawyer, mediator, author and founder of Writers Boon. Her books, When Dreams are CallingWhy not? - The island where happiness starts with a question and  A Fool in Istanbul - The adventures of a self-denying workaholic have been featured in a number of travel magazines including the International Traveller magazine and can be found in libraries, bookstores and on Amazon.

    What better way to save the poor pine trees than making your own Christmas tree out of books?

    And not any books, but your family’s favorite books. I’m sure it will become your family’s favorite Christmas tree too. After all, it would be a unique Christmas tree. One that every friend you know might want to stop by and see. Even your mother-in-law might pop in uninvited. Sorry, bad joke! You get the drift.

    So, let us help you with a few suggestions.

    1. For the tidy ones. You guys are amazing.  If only I could be like you…

    2 options. The not so green one:

    The evergreen one:


    2. For the messy ones. That’s more like me. Hmmm… I wonder where I put that…

    3. For big families with way too many kids running around and too little space… You guys rock!

    4. For those who like to go off the beaten path. By the way, we should all try it someday. It’s fun!

    Christmas Tree Made of Books

    Merry Christmas everyone!