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A Smart Publishing App That Provides Guidance, Resources and Advice to Authors and Bloggers

Melbourne, Australia – October 1st, 2016 – Writers Boon is a Publishing & Marketing Roadmap, Curated Directory, Deals and Reviews platform for the writers’ community and the publishing industry. 

It’s a one-stop destination for all your writing needs. Whether you're looking to write better, understand the publishing process, or market yourself, on Writers Boon you will find step by step guidance on publishing and marketing, together with the latest hot deals on top-notch Experts, How-To Guides and DIY Tools.

“Our goal is to create a free encyclopedia of well-organized knowledge and resources for writers,” says Writers Boon CEO, Carol Vorvain. “Plus, there was no venue for writers to find high quality publishing products and services at a great value through promotional discounts. So, it fills a void in the publishing industry.”

Users simply search Writers Boon database, or browse the comprehensive hierarchy of topics, gather information about each step of the process or shop for proven resources. More, they can add notes, tag favorites, securely message businesses, read and write reviews, ask questions and get expert answers.

Whether you're creating screenplays, freelancing for magazines or blogs, or penning a novel, on Writers Boon you'll find everything and everyone you would possible need.

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About Writers Boon

Writers Boon was founded in 2016 and is owned by Birmat Consulting Pty Ltd., a web and mobile development company based in Melbourne, Australia.

The app is designed using state of the art technologies from world’s #1 database solutions provider — Oracle and its goal is to help aspiring and experienced writers turn their craft into a profitable business quickly and smoothly.

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