Any free-to-use and edit images websites besides and

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Denis · 5.4 years ago ·

I use both of these for my poems and also use Google search as well as the images tab search. With this, I see a camera icon and when clicked on it offers me a chance to use an image's URL to find it elsewhere eg smaller or larger and possibly on a free-to-use and edit website. Perhaps others could be recommended?

By the way, many find lots of items on ebay and the alternative searcher for it is here in the UK... or or or 

Picclick names images with their descriptions, so that's helpful instead of eBay and its s-l225 or s-l1600 style names based on image pixel sizes. If I use Google to track down these images I may find free ones elsewhere.

By the way, websites like Groupon email me with amazingly beautiful photos and I'm wondering if these are free elsewhere... This A to Z poem title list helps me find my poems and their images later on...