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Denis · 5.6 years ago ·

I used my gmail email address to get a blog website on and created a yellow background colour for the black text. I added a description and contact details. I then emailed some poetry tests to the appointed blogger email address I was told to get my drafts sent to. So I visit the website, sign in, check the Dashboard, find the drafts there. I start to edit these and publish with a few keywords or labels. Later on, I see that some web browsers show the text in plain style. I go back and use html commands like strong and /strong to switch that off. I also had to change the font size to 4. Finally, I think I got it done right. Later on, I learn that alters some characters like the ' that I use for the apostrophe. So that was unexpected and I found that useful. Even so, there may be better free-to-use blog websites that others could recommend. Any suggestions? (to sign in to a gmail account) (to register there and check the emailed posts)

The domain changes to whatever country that you visit from...


A central display for poetry and with right-hand side links to this month and previous months and years. A top left SEARCH feature helps find the keywords or labels that appear at the end of each post.

Google offers us a site search option eg use this text search style: Denis Martindale

site:www.writersboon Denis Martindale

It's also useful as it offers us the images tab option, too.

I can use Google to find my poems or other websites and their copies.

That way, I can check what other poetry blog websites have done...





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