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  • Writing to Heal: A Shaman and a Medicine Woman Share Self-Healing Secrets

    Tony Damian


    Alternative medicine

    Tony Damian experienced many different types of energy healing modalities, he studied and mastered them as to be his own healer. He is the co-author of Finding the Alchemist within -Turning yourself to Gold!: A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing.
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    In one of the very best author interviews we’ve done so far, Tony Damian shares with us how he ended up writing such an amazing book on self-healing and explains how and why alternative medicine works.

    Welcome to Writers Boon Tony. Can you please tell us how did you get into writing about alternative medicine?

    Thanks for inviting me, Carol.

    In 1982, I had a back injury and I was told that I was going to be in a wheelchair, probably paralyzed from the waist down within five years. It came as a shock. I refused to believe this and thus started my journey into Alternative Medicine. I learned several different healing modalities which I practiced in healing myself. Over the years this turned into a Healing Arts practice I call “The Dragon’s Way”, where I teach others how to do the same.

    Today, 35 years later, I am living proof of my method, virtually pain-free. My protocols are a bit different than mainstream energetic healing arts practitioners. My guided meditations are not only about peace and tranquility of the body, mind & spirit. Moreover, they are personalized guided imagery sessions for your mind to heal your body.

    The focus of my work is on getting rid of Stress and Pain.

    Without disclosing all the secrets the readers can find in your book, can you share with us a few self-healing secrets,  perhaps a few exercises you would recommend?

    In the healing arts or not, if you are looking to heal yourself; rather than using dangerous drugs and hazardous therapies, here's what I have found:

    The true secret to self-healing lies in Your Mindset. It truly does.

    I know, it sounds easy. However, it is more difficult than you can imagine. Clearing your mind of what, "those people" say, unlearning everything you've ever been taught, and the “True Power of the Mind” is the key to unlocking your success in self-healing. This ‘Intuitive energy work’, is my 21-step Workbook and what I have successfully practiced for 35 years.

    If you want to self-heal, you must always keep in mind what I call “the Laws that Govern Life in the Universe”:

    • The “law of Karma” (cause and effect),
    • The “law of attraction,”
    • The “law of reverse effect,”
    • The “law of opposites,”
    • The “law of non-resistance,”
    • The ability to separate yourself from your condition through “Empathetic Detachment.”

    We need to think of our foods as medicine.

    We need to go back to the old ways of “Original Medicine.”

    There is a very useful workbook in our book, “Living through the Chakras” written by medicine woman, Cathryn Barkulis-Smith, where readers learn more about foods, gems, aromatherapy, teas, herbs and spices with healing properties.

    We need to understand how we arrived at the point of needing healing.

    What have you fed your body? What toxicities and heavy metals have you exposed yourself to? What stresses have you been put through?

    The fact that most conditions have come about through many years of abuse, neglect, unknowing environmental exposures, and stress, also means you must be willing to take the time to unravel, cleanse, repair, rebuild, and heal each layer.

    By doing this, you heal once and for all.

    Modern medicine only suppresses the symptoms. If the underlying causes are not addressed, the original problem still exists, and will resurface again.

    This was the case with me. Not only did I live almost entirely on fast-foods, I also had been unknowingly exposed to lethal chemicals and various heavy metals throughout the 70s and 80s.I learned about this from Cathryn.

    I relied only on my self-healing methods for the past 20+ years.

    Recently I overcame shingles across nearly my entire waistline. My innards twisted enough to move my navel 4 inches to the left. Cathryn created naturopathic and homeopathic protocols and fed me foods as medicines.

    The result? I was clear of shingles in under 2 months.

    A year later I had a near fatal bout over 95% of my body. I lost over 40% of my muscle mass, lost all my hair, couldn’t regulate my body temperature and I was burning through 5,000 calories a day.  Doctors had no protocol except steroids and antibiotics, which made it even worse.

    Through the combined methods once again of my partner and I, this was cured in less than a year.

    Yes, I am with you. I am a firm believer in alternative medicine. I am sure the book is a wealth of information for those who really love their bodies and want to live pain free. Moving to a slightly different topic. Do you have any publishing tips for your fellow authors?

    I sure do. Here's my two cents:

    1. Do not ever think you are a wordsmith or editor.
      I contracted an editor who corrected 2,500 errors in my 319-page non-fiction manuscript. He also replaced old worn-out clichés with power words that made the message dynamic and strong. The investment here is worth its weight in gold! If you have spelling or grammar errors on your bio or book description, kiss any sales goodbye. 
    2. Before you hit the send button to publish your manuscript, run it through this test first. 
      If you are using WORD, then try highlighting several paragraphs at a time and click [speak selected text] and sit back. Now it’s like someone else is reading it to you. Continue, even if it sounds like Stephen Hawking, which I rather enjoy. Although I would prefer having Carl Sagan read my book to me.
      We get so familiar with our own writing that we tend to skip over the same mistakes time and time again. Be it wording, sentence structure, or punctuation.
      By having it read it to me, I found literally dozens of changes that needed to happen. 
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      I’m proud to be part of the Writers Boon community.

    Thank you Tony. Everyone here at Writers Boon works hard to promote book publishing excellence and affordability. I wish you success with your book!

    Thank you!