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    Carol Vorvain


    Funny Words Facts

    Carol Vorvain (@writersboon) is an Australian international lawyer, mediator, author and founder of Writers Boon. Her books, When Dreams are CallingWhy not? - The island where happiness starts with a question and  A Fool in Istanbul - The adventures of a self-denying workaholic have been featured in a number of travel magazines including the International Traveller magazine and can be found in libraries, bookstores and on Amazon.

    You are a writer. You love words. But did you know that?

    Inkie-pinkie, slops, tinnie, and wallop are all slang terms for beer.


    Have kittens, chew fire, all horns and rattles are all ways to say you are angry.

    Angry cat

    “Binge-watch,” the newest word added to Merriam-Webster means to watch many episodes of a TV series in rapid succession.

    Watching TV

    “Hotter than dutch love” means a hot relationship.

    Hot love

    Bookless means ignorant of books or not well-read.

    “Aposiopesis” is when you deliberately fail to complete a sentence.

    The peacock is actually the name of the male peafowl. The female is called a peahen.


    Did you know that in Vatican, the ATM machines can be used in Latin?

    Vatican museum

    Till next time, happy writing! And, don’t forget amor vincit omniasmiley