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  • Speaking Is the Fastest Way to Sell a Book

    Jackie Lapin


    Sell books by Public Speaking

    Jackie Lapin is the founder of, The Transformational Speaker Leads Tip Sheet, providing speakers with more than 60 tips per month on where they can book themselves across North America -- easily and inexpensively. All the research is done for them. 

    To learn more, visit to, or go to if you’d like to learn “15 Ways to Find Transformational Speaking Engagements.”

    Too often authors get caught up in the minutiae of book marketing from their desks. There are a plethora of demands that makes it hard to break away. Yet, the most effective way to see your book is to get in front of people. A higher percentage of people will buy your book if they like you and what you have to say after they see you.

    #Sellyourbook faster: get booked as a speaker.

    And while public speaking is often considered a fear worse than death, it’s an essential strategy in your marketing arsenal. So go to Toastmasters or get into a program with one of the really extraordinary speaker coaches around today who are eager to teach you. You must be ready, willing and able to present well from the stage--even at book store presentations!

    Here are some recommendations to get you on stages:

    • Start small. Get on friendly, local stages until you get your presentation perfected and your confidence level up.
    • To present yourself for speaking you must have a Speaker-One Sheet—a one or two sided presentation page that explains how you will change, move, activate the audience and how you solve a problem in their lives. This must be able to be sent digitally, as well as handed in person to a speaker booker.
    • As soon as you feel proficient, have someone video tape you speaking in front of an audience. This doesn’t need to be a large audience, but the quality of the video needs to be solid. No smartphone videos with bad sound and poor lighting. Some events already have videographers and you can ask to purchase just your segment.
    • Have excellent CURRENT photos of you so that there is no integrity disconnect between the person they hire and one in the one-sheet.
    • You must have a contemporary website—one that is horizontal in design with lots of graphics and limited words on the home page. If the speaker booker sees an old style website, he or she is likely to discard you from consideration.
    • When you approach a speaker booker, it’s best to do this by email initially. Your cover note should explain what you speak on and why it’s appropriate for his/her audience (You should have done your homework to make sure there is a good match here.). Then attach your speaker one-sheet and, if you have it yet, a short 3-to-5 minutes link to the video of you speaking in front of a crowd.
    • If you have not heard back in 10 days, then follow up with a phone call. But if after two calls you don’t hear, it’s time to move on to the next prospect. 
    • To build a list of organizations is a time consuming process, so initially narrow your search to the ones that are your “low hanging fruit,” organizations, venues and events that are absolutely your ideal audience and more easily accessible for you. Don’t start at the top, go for the ones that are most likely to says “yes!” quickly and easily. Then expand your search.