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    Carol Vorvain


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    What do you think of Writers Boon?

    It is the only platform for writers that features editors, book designers, marketers and courses at discount prices. What does this mean for you? Well, it simply means rather than paying $1000 for a book cover, you'll now be paying 15% to 50% less for the same cover. 

    It is also the only one where writers can find do-it-yourself helpful tools and apps to help authors in their writing and marketing journey. Tools can help you write better, publish faster, sell more. 

    More than that, Writers Boon offers its own book promotion tools and incredible resources for those who want to sell their books to libraries. 

    The founders surely put a lot of effort into it. But, what do YOU think of it? 

    We've asked a few authors and this is what they said:

    "Writers definitely need discounts. And writers love DIY. At least I do. What makes Groupon effective is it creates urgency - you hear people say, "We have to go to dinner tonight, or else we lose our Groupon." Do that. Make the coupons or discounts expire a certain interval of time after purchase to light a fire under the writer's office chair. That's a figure of speech. You shouldn't actually light a fire under anyone's office chair - it's not safe. :)"
    -- Rick Pryll

    "You know sometimes there are limitations to getting your voice heard in an industry that is so full of noise and opportunities just for the rich, famous, or lyrically popular. Accessibility and writing tool cost reductions would level the playing field, especially for new and upcoming authors like myself. Whenever you provide tools that improve or enhance abilities, like writing, you give creativity a larger platform to mirror literary works that are already successful, compelling and have impacted minds for many generations. I am on the fence about ever signing with a mainstream publisher simply because I don't want my voice to get lost in the bureaucracy of the business. Sharing ideas that are life-changing, impactful, and purpose-filled is no small feat, but having accessibility to DIY tools and experts will make this road of writing hope into the lives of others a whole lot easier."
    -- Robette Boozer

    "That's great, I love Writers Boon"
    -- Ally K.

    "Many writers would like to find quality resources easily available to them. The Internet is full of advice, but combing through that could be hard. A website which offers everything you need to develop yourself without charging astronomical rates sounds like a great idea!"
    -- Rori I

    "Given the difficulty of getting one's writing noticed, any help in this process is appreciated."
    -- Phil Sageser

    "I feel that this is a wonderful service to writers, who are often inundated with all the costs of marketing, editing, and publicizing their work. It is service that is tremendously appreciated."
    -- Cortina Jackson

    "Brilliant, because upcoming authors like myself need every bit of help we can get!"
    -- Steve Conoboy

    "I think it is a wonderful idea, it would be great if we (authors/writers) could go to one place, find the best DIY tools and also be able to ask experts on how to use them."
    -- Maxine Sylvester

    "Any tool that's helpful is a plus for authors to get the word out about their book!"
    -- Maura O'Leary

    "It is commendable and worthy of attention! Thank you for your trouble!"
    -- Bernard Jan

    "I believe that this is a valuable asset for any author. Especially for those us who value utilizing the expertise of others and who want to be truly successful as an author. I know that I will continue to use these amazing resources."
    -- K. Patrick Downey

    "I think that any tool you can provide for writers is useful whether it is a writer with a lot of experience or one just starting out like me. I know that as just starting out in this world, I take of every advantage I can get."
    -- Jeseca Lowell

    "I think that is terrific. There are a lot of options out there for indie authors, but most of them start at hundreds of dollars and go up. And most of us authors are doing this as a 'side job' to our full time work in another field. Writing is a work of passion and commitment, but it doesn't make a whole lot of money until you're wildly successful."
    -- Shannon A. Hiner

    "Sounds great. Wish you could offer access to more time. LOL"
    -- Kristi Cramer

    "It sounds like a great deal! I think writers are always trying to come up with options for marketing and such that will actually fit within their budget."
    -- Marie Lavender

    "This an awesome idea and much needed. I think there are some very talented writers who just the assistant. Like me."
    -- Jennifer Bennett

    "I think it is a terrific idea. For writers, everything is so expensive. Courses cost too much, and the advice we receive has no guarantees, but the check clears their bank. Writers Boon offers authors access to the inaccessible, and success to the future."
    -- Lee Christine Brownlee

    "I think that's a fantastic idea. As an author on a low income, I'm unable to spend money on my writing career in the way that I would love to and so every little really does help."
    -- Rebecca Clare Smith

    "Authors need tools; lots of tools. I think this is a great idea. Great tools at a great price? Priceless!"
    -- Larry Landgraf

    "This sounds good. As an indie writer, I can use the help, and, as I'm sure is true of a lot of other indies, I don't have a big bank account."
    -- Bea Cannon

    "I think that sounds great, I'm always looking for ways to cut cost and reduce my expenses along with getting quality services."
    -- Steve Altier

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