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  • 7 Funny Tweets That Ring True For Many, Many Writers

    And prove that writing is no easy feat




    1. When your characters are not your babies

    Some of you may die, but that’s what it takes for those bloody-thirsty agents to pick up my book. #writerschoose

    2. When you consider knocking on your neighbors’ door on a lazy Sunday morning

    Would anyone be interested in reading my writings? Please! I’m goooood! #writerstruggles

    3. When you reconsider becoming a parent for all the valid reasons

    I spend more time choosing the name of my characters than expecting parents. #writerproblems

    4. When dilemma hits

    To write nonsense or to read nonsense. That is the question. #writerthinkingnonsense

    5. When fiction hits a little close to home

    My character has no idea what real strength is. He is obsessed with size and appearance.

    6. When you get writer’s block

    In my heart I know how everything ends. If only I knew how it starts. # beginnersluck

    7. When you have ulterior motives

    Messaging your ex when struggling to describe the bad guy in your next novel. #writersareevil