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  • Book Translation: Searching for a Fair Price
    Part 3

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    It is fair to say that translating a book is not an easy task. The translator’s work is just as important as that of the author, just as arduous and precise.

    This is why even the legislation considers translation a derivative work.  

    In addition to the actual time invested, every translator wishes for her or his translation to be the best as possible. Every author wishes for her or his book to be as close to the original as possible, or in those cases where the language and cultural differences prevent that, as close to transmitting the original message as possible.

    This calls for a fair negotiation and the fair recognition of the other’s work. Choosing to work with the cheapest translator for the sake of reducing costs might end up in a lousy translation.

    However, for those authors who do not have thousands of dollars in our budget to have a book translated, there is the option of outsourcing a book translator  through Writers Boon.

    On Writers Boon you find qualified and reviewed translators, many of them willing to offer discounts on their regular rates. You can sort them by ratings, price, discounts offered. Within hours, you’ll find the best translator for you.

    Don’t risk a sloppy translation – it will tarnish your reputation and lead to missing out on potentially lucrative foreign markets. Choose quality at a fair price.

    Freelance Translators on Writers Boon

    Daniel Harcz, English to Icelandic and Hungarian

    Hungarian has been our specialty since 1997, and Icelandic since 2001. We have translated books into Icelandic and Hungarian over the past two decades, and authors were always extremely pleased with our efforts, our dedication to meeting their needs and the quality of our output.

    What I love about specializing in English into Icelandic and Hungarian translation is the co-operation with brilliant and reliable translators that work into these two languages. Our long standing co-operation with our Icelandic and Hungarian linguists ensures that I do not need to worry about their ability to meet the deadline and provide high-quality, native translations as per our clients’ instructions. The Hungarian and Icelandic languages could hardly be more different linguistically and the people of Iceland could hardly differ more culturally from the people of Hungary, yet, in our small family enterprize, their representatives are working for the same cause, and, in a virtual sense, get along very well alongside one another.

    For more information about Daniel and to access the 15% exclusive discount for Writers Boon members click here.

    Adriana Pruneda, English to Spanish

    Translation is my passion. I translate words. I translate emotions. But wait? How can somebody translate words AND emotions? Easy, words are emotions, they express ideas and often they cannot be translated at face value, you have to have the “feel for them”, know the context… and emotions need to be put into words for others to understand. Emotions are often defined by a context and by a culture. So, in principle, it is the same process and a similar sensibility is needed.

    I became a Diplomat so I could “translate” the positions of different parties to a negotiation. I was the Managing Assistant at the Managing Support Unit of the Non-Communicable Diseases and Mental Health (NMH) Cluster at the World Health Organization and one of my tasks was to “translate” the Manager’s instructions to a multinational and multilingual team. I was like a fish in the pond, happily swimming all around.

    Back home I became a freelance translator and worked with documents in English, French and Spanish. And I went through a long road of training to become a clinical psychologist working with Expats, so that I could “translate” their needs and emotions and help them adapt and cope to their new home and culture.

    This is me, Adriana, language, culture and emotions expert: a translator of words and a translator of emotions.

    Christina Bergmann, English to German

    My name is Christina Bergmann. I am 31 years old and language pair I work in is English - German.

    I started translating when I was about 15. Back then, it was just for fun and basically for my eyes only.

    At a job orientation fair for pupils, I met the headmaster of the translation school located in Erlangen, Germany. I suddenly knew what I wanted to do for a living, and how I could get started on the right way!

    Since I have always had a knack for all things technical and planned on actually making money with my knowledge, I picked technology as my field of expertise.

    Today I am a full-time freelancer working on fiction and non-fiction books, games, tourist and marketing materials.

    For more information about Christina and to access the 15% exclusive discount for Writers Boon members click here.