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  • 12 Writing Tips for Every Zodiac Sign
    Part 1

    Advice written in the stars


    Zodiac Signs


    ARIES: The great ironist

    You are the pioneer type. A passionate and prolific writer, with a flair for mildly satirical characterizations. Your sense of humor is legendary. You love to be in the middle of the action and most of your novels are fast-paced with strong ambitious characters. You are never scared to change genres. However, as a deep thinker, once you pick one, you tend to stick to it.   

    Famous Aries writers: Robert Frost, Henry James, Maya Angelou.


    TAURUS: The materialistic writer par excellence

    You are efficient and tenacious. You are not easily deterred by rejections. You are as stubborn as one can be and in this case, it might prove to be beneficial to you. You have a well-laid plan for getting published and you don’t let any obstacles stand in your way.

    One piece of advice: don’t squash all those romantic tendencies  out of your writing.  Practical can sometimes end up being plain boring.

    Famous Taurus writers: Charlotte Bronte, Harper Lee, Honore Balzac.


    GEMINI: The Great Talker

    You love to talk! And that’s fabulous because good talkers are often some of the best writers. And you love to socialize. But, like your best friends, the Aquarius, sometimes you tend to take dramatic stands on issues and you lose your grand exuberance and optimism. You are at best when you play with words or find a new way of saying something. You are a great romance and erotic writer, flirtatious with bisexual tendencies.

    Famous Gemini writers: George Orwell, W.B. Yeats, Thomas Hardy


    CANCER: The Seeker of Beauty

    You are the overly sensitive type. Driven by the heart, you have more feelings to sort through than everyone else. The problem is you are afraid of letting them out and when you do, you come out as harsh. For your, writing is the perfect way to explore all those vulnerabilities, to dive straight into your tumult of emotions. This might lend your work a note of sadness, a noticeable darkness with a penchant for rigid moralizing. And that’s okay .

    Famous Cancer writers: Alice Munro, Emily Bronte, Ernest Hemingway.


    LEO: The Mighty Giant

    You consider yourself a born leader and have a hard time tolerating honest criticism. Always happy to compete, you love writing contests. However, even under pressure, your writing is packed with insights. You truly believe that your writing can change the world into a better place. Your imagination knows no boundaries.

    Famous Leo writers: J.K. Rowling, Dorothy Parker, Danielle Steel.


    VIRGO: The Perfectionist

    You live for the details. Your editing skills are some of the best. Remember, your first draft does not need to be perfect. So, let your imagination go wild, let the words flow, and stop checking the grammar. As you are analytical to the extreme and you will dig deep to locate information, you are drawn to non-fiction, political, mystery and crime novels. You are resilient and have the patience to go over the same chapter as many times as it’s needed.

    Famous Virgo writers: Agatha Christie, Stephen King, D.H.Lawrence.

    Now, get going and write only bestsellers! That's an order. And, once you become rich and famous, don't forget who helped you get there! We do check our mail. 

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