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  • How Authors Can Tame the Marketing Beast without Breaking the Bank

    Carol Vorvain


    Carol Vorvain (@writersboon) is an Australian international lawyer, mediator, author and founder of Writers Boon. Her books, When Dreams are CallingWhy not? - The island where happiness starts with a question and  A Fool in Istanbul - The adventures of a self-denying workaholic have been featured in a number of travel magazines including the International Traveller magazine and can be found in libraries, bookstores and on Amazon.

    3 questions about book marketing all indie authors have:

    • Can I compete with the authors from the Big 5 publishers?
    • Can I afford to invest in book marketing after paying an arm and a leg for editors, designers and so on?
    • Are there any completely free ways to market my book?

    1 simple answer: Yes! Yes! And yes again!

    Let’s get bogged down by details.

    Can I compete with the authors from the Big 5 publishers?

    Sure you can. You don’t need the big 5 publishers to tell you what to write, when to write only to pay you… a penny for your thoughts. Literally. That’s what’s left after they cover their own expenses and take a cut.

    With your best friends next to you, you can achieve anything you want. And, the best friends of any successful authorpreneur are:  Mrs Perseverance and Mr Knowledge. They make a terrific couple. Every time when there is a big party going on celebrating some awfully successful bestseller, trust me, those 2 are the culprits behind it. Befriend them and you’re a winner. With Mrs Perseverance on your right and Mr Knowledge on your left you can now compete with any other author.

    Where does Mr Knowledge live?

    Well, nowadays he is quite a worldly fellow. Currently, you can find him at Writers Boon.

    There, he provides guidance, tips and resources that serve as a blueprint for action on all types of marketing and public relations: content marketing, email marketing, advertising, social media marketing, SEO, copywriting.

    Let’s say, you decide to focus on content marketing.

    On Writers Boon, you’ll start by browsing and learning about all the different types of content book marketing: author and book videos, virtual book tours, public speaking, content distribution and promotion, interactive content, press releases and so on. Then, you’ll be focusing on finding resources: marketing experts or, if you’re one of those DIY authors, DIY tools & apps.

    For example, you’ve heard it’s a good idea to run giveaways. You’d like to try it, but first you’d like to understand more about the process. Easy peasy. Look under the Giveaway Books and Courses section and start learning. If still confused, head to the Q&A section, ask away and a giveaway expert will answer you. Once everything is clear, start browsing different giveaway tools, like Woobox, Binkd, Rafflecopter.

    Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to. --Henry Van Dyke

    Can I afford to invest in book marketing after paying an arm and a leg for editors, designers and so on?

    Well, that would be kind of hard. But why should you pay an arm and a leg for a professionally published book in the first place? Unless you want to, there is no reason to.

    If you want to get an editing or design quote on your project, head to Writers Boon discounted marketplace.  You will find top notch editors, indexers, book designers, illustrators, translators, formatters, narrators, cartoonists, happy to offer a discount of 15%, 20% or more on their services. 

    So, rather than paying $1000 plus a commission fee between 15% to 20%, which is what most curated marketplaces charge, you will now be paying $800. That’s $300 to $400 in savings, money that you could easily invest in promoting your book.

    Access to Writers Boon marketplace is entirely free. No joining fee.

    Are there any completely free ways to market my book?

    Book marketing on a limited budget is a reality that most authors face nowadays.

    Here are 5 simple and cheap ways to market your book:

    Go to conventions and conferences

    These are extraordinary opportunities to learn from, and converse with, the best minds in publishing today. Use the power of networking. You can easily keep track of live training and book events with a Calendar of Events for writers.

    Promote your book with Quozimus

    It’s a unique and completely free book discoverability tool. Infused with the spirit of your book, it grabs readers’ interest and entices them to buy your book. And, if you have a book trailer, add it, it works even better.

    Sign your name across my heart 

    Remember the song? Well, be sure you have a link to your book in the footer of every email you send.

    Create an Author Facebook Fan Page

    And always remember likes are addictive, but engagement goes viral. Whenever you post on social media, strive to find the emotional link, the hot buttons.

    Ask for engagement, don’t just expect it. Ask for advice, opinions. For example, you could post a few different book cover versions and ask which one is better.

    Look for speaking opportunities at libraries in your area. Speaking is the fastest way to sell a book.

    A higher percentage of people will buy your book if they like you and what you have to say after they see you. So, talk to your local libraries, offer to schedule an event to do a signing or meeting with their book club.

    Pin your book cover on Pinnisbook

    Pinterest is a powerful visual bookmarking social network that should not be ignored.

    As the saying goes, “If we were meant to be controlled we would have come with a remote.”

    Dare to dream. Be the master of your own publishing journey. Unleash your creativity both in your writing and in your marketing tactics. You are now an authorpreneur. Try to be a successful one and why not, have fun in the process!