Book Printing

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Printing means to produce many copies of your book. You can print your ARC ( Advance Reading copies) for pre-publication reviews, your books, business cards, handouts, flyers, bookmarks, or other promotional material.

To print, you can use either Print on Demand ( POD ) services or Offset Printing. Learn more on our How-to Guides.

Tip #1: If you print promotional material, do not forget to put your website address on it. Tweet this.

Tip #2: The printing costs depends on factors such as:

  • Format: hardback or paperback. Paperback is cheaper.  Size of the book. It’s cheaper to use an industry standard size, such as an A format (mass market commercial fiction): 181 x 111mm or a B format (standard novel): 198 x 128mm.
  • The kind of paper you choose. 70–80 gsm is usually the standard for most books.
  • Binding. Perfect bound is the cheapest option.
  • Number of pages.
  • Cover design. Will it be full colour?