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Before you embark on your book publicity campaign, you'll need to work on your media kit.

A Media Kit or Press Kit tells the media about you and your books. Journalists expect to find it on your Author Website, so make sure you have one. It includes: your author bio, contact info, your book synopsis, press release, book cover photos, author photos, frequently asked questions, reviews, links to your author videos or book trailers, your social media profiles.

Tip #1: Once you add your the Media Kit to your Author Website, send a link to it in all email communication with media people such as bloggers, journalists, reviewers, event planners. Tweet this.

Tip #2: Write a press release on your book and distribute it via paid and free distribution channels. Tweet this.

Tip #3: Consider becoming a Haro source. Haro connects journalists with experts (sources). And, if you wrote a book about, let's say, cognitive disorder or Antarctica, you are an expert on that niche. When you sign up, you'll get emails with media opportunities in which your book, blog could be mentioned. Reply if you're interested and ask for a link back to your site. Tweet this.

Tip #4: Are you more of a DIY Author? Then, try DIY Public Relations with tools such as PingGo. Simply select a press release template, answer our journalists’ questions and then they'll turn your answers into a press release that is ready for you to edit.