Book Reviewers

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Consumer reviews are reviews of your manuscript written by regular readers who post them on Amazon, Goodreads, or on websites. The best place to find consumer reviews are book review sites.

Editorial Reviews, also known as Professional Reviews are reviews written by professional critics in magazines, newspapers, journals or on dedicated review sites. Professional Reviews are a valuable marketing tool. You can add them to your Author Website, on the press release or on the Amazon book page.

Tip #1: Many publications require submitting your book for review many months before publishing it, so make a list with the ones that most appeal to you and send them your ARC.

Tip #2: On Book Review Sites you can also promote your new releases, your giveaways, or purchase an ad slot.

Tip #3: Design a Complimentary Review Copy Request form on your website. Make it easy for bloggers who write for magazines to read and review your book.

Tip #4: Mention your book reviews on your Amazon Author Central Page, on your blog and on the book description.