Homespun Tales

by Ronald Spessard

I waited by the coffin, thinking God could always use another though guy in heaven. Once again, as the first member of our family to pass on, Uncle Juni was doing what he did best. He was leading the way. Tough guy.

Perhaps at some point in our lives we should pause and remember, with gratitude, the people who led is to become who we are. In Homespun Tales, author Ronald Spessard revisits his past as a young boy growing to manhood in rural, post-World War II America. Mentored by his extraordinary, courageous family, he has chosen a path that is sometimes humorous, sometimes sad and dangerous, but always connected to the homespun fabric being woven in his grandmother's household. These threads bound together the character to build our greatest generation through God, honor, respect, duty, love, and self-reliance and leave the reader longing for the understanding and peace of a simpler time.
Memoir/Short Story