Genesis - The Battle Within

Pt 1 of 2

by David Tucker

Genesis – the Battle Within.

An epic saga begins in this thrilling dark dystopian science fiction novel for adults.

Forces collide in this twisted tale, set almost 2000 years into our future. Society’s militaristic arm now reaches far into space, with factions inhabiting many moons and planets, who are poised for the answer to their most ancient question – how do we ascend?
Industry has long driven humans into gritty, yet revolutionary new frontiers, all but one true religion has been banned to ensure unity and the harrowing crusades of false religion are no more. Our new leaders' will no longer suffer fealty to the torture stake and the wolves who repressed us throughout history.

But a tide of darkness is coming. Will Genesis, the book’s protagonist, survive to bend the ‘Fate of Fates’ to enable ascension and stave off false religions second coming … or will humans finally be condemned and become extinct?

Genesis –the Battle Within draws elements of biblical events surrounding atonement, creation and ascension, in a compelling and new age ... an age where the events of Armageddon have already come to pass, leaving the last of us to pray we have not been forgotten for salvation.
Dark Science Fiction/ Fantasy