Divine Comedy

by Sabri Bebvawi

There are only two ways to react to life’s trials and tribulations: Either to become frustrated, bitter, angry and feeling sorrow, or to see all events as comical and, somewhat, whacky. There has never been a day in human existence that did not have surprises and astonishments; how each of us reacts, determines the outcome.

Life is a divine comedy; the line between fiction and non-fiction is very thin and elastic. One can stretch it from fiction to reality or vice versa; another can cross the line all together. This writer finds the difference so fuzzy and indistinct that often he is oblivious whether occurrences are fictional or real; he only sees all things as a form of a divine comedy meant to amuse and charm. He does not mind it at all; to him, whether it is fiction or otherwise is irrelevant; what matters is that it is.

This writer is not disquieted whether his tale of his past twenty-five years is factual or fiction. For him, the difference is inconsequential, and he prefers that his readers decide. The fable is such an implausible one that many shall see it fictional; but to him, it is his life as he is accustomed.

He shall take you on a stormy journey through his medical, emotional, and personal life of the last twenty-five years, since he was a thirty-five-year-young man. He has been so strong, positive, and productive, that even his physicians have been overwhelmed.
Fiction-of non-fiction