A Fool in Istanbul

Adventures of a self denying workaholic

by Carol Vorvain

What happens when the shrink becomes the patient and the patient becomes the shrink?
Can a workaholic get an appetite for something other than work?
Do opposites really attract?
Is it better to be a peon under neon or a bum in the slum?
Well, it remains to be seen.

A Fool in Istanbul, follows a workaholic’s hilarious journey from the madness of being available 24/7 back to sanity.
Atticus is a “prudish know it all, stiff and stern, not here to burn,” psychiatrist, who spends his days - and too many nights - trapped in his big, shiny office. He is a 21st century man who has no time for a family and whose relationships have all died in infancy from scheduling problems. Life doesn’t happen to him because he doesn’t let it happen, afraid it won’t happen the only way he wants it to happen: his way.
Until one day…

Mercilessly funny, utterly addictive, smart and witty, Carol Vorvain’s new book is as painfully comic and wryly observed as it gets.