The Unexpected Consequences of Iron Overload

A Paranormal, Romantic Spoof Thriller

by James Minter

Jimmy Kavanagh has a genetic condition where he absorbs and stores iron from his diet over and above the body's requirements - Haemochromatosis. He is unaware of this, but as time progresses, with increased iron levels he exhibits many unusual traits: oxidisation (rusting), becoming magnetised, and having strong bones (excess iron is stored in bone marrow). Through various childhood experiences, he realises he is different but doesn't know why. After a significant event in which he saves Barbara, the woman of his dreams, from possible death he realises he can control his magnetism. His life is further complicated after coming to the attention of the KGB. They are interested in all things paranormal, and the CIA who are determined to stop the Russians. Life for Jimmy is further complicated by Sheila. Her father is Irish though she was born in Australia. She has Haemochromatosis but of course, from the Southern hemisphere, her polarity is reversed. Will Jimmy and Barbara live happily ever after? Can he manage to thwart the Russians and CIA? Since opposites attract does his future lay with Sheila?
humour, thriller, romance