Why not?

The island where happiness starts with a question

by Carol Vorvain

Lessons in happiness on the tropical island of Moorea – Tahiti’s little sister.

Vicky is on a quest for paradise. And she finds it on the tropical island of Moorea, the Island of Love and Pineapple.

As the Aremiti ferry pulls into port, she is spellbound by the massive jade-green lagoon and the jagged volcanic mountains rising straight up from the ocean.

But every place has its secrets. Could there be more to this postcard image?

She has all the time in the world to find out. And she does. She eats fafaru, a rotting fish dish, and meets Polynesia’s “third sex.” She learns about the history of black pearls and the secrets of growing vanilla and discovers that when it comes to Tahitian women, bigger is better.

In no time, she falls “head-over-flip-flops” in love with the warmth and nobility of the “savages” inhabiting it, a handsome one in particular.

Adventure gives way to reflection and the novel is replete with rich insights into the Tahitian way of life, sexuality and exotic rituals, some truly bizarre, but equally fascinating.

Written with zest, humor, and great affection, Carol Vorvain’s “Why not? The island where happiness starts with a question” is a delightful read for those searching for a sun-kissed paradise or simply fantasizing about it.

Full of inspired moments, the book accomplishes a feat few travel books dare: entertains, informs and inspires.