Finding the Alchemist within - Turning yourself to Gold!

-A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing

by Tony Damian, RMT, CMT

Shaman “TonyD” together with Medicine Woman “Simply Cathryn” share their combined 70 years of experience in the Healing Arts with 2 fundamental hands-On Workbooks. Teaching you new ways to live daily life walking the Labyrinth of Self-Healing.

Returning to Original Medicine, the way of our ancestors for thousands of years.

This is a book about your Self-Healing, about ridding yourself of STRESS and PAIN! This book is for everyone! For those who know nothing of Energy-Work to practitioners looking to further their understanding.

Your path to Self-Healing starts where you are right now... this is your starting point, and congratulations!

This is exactly where you should be in space - at this precise moment in time.

We refer to this as “Shaman Time”, being exactly where you need to be at the time needed to be there.

This is the reason you are here right now reading this.

Something deep inside is telling you that there has to be a better way, and you are right...the way is You!

This is the Alchemist within saying, “It is your time to make a positive change”.

Featured inside are two hands-on Workbooks. Full healing requires encompassing all realms of human existence: the full body, and all of its intricately woven functions and systems; the mind, which includes memories, traumas, fears, obsessions, and predetermined outcomes; and the spirit, meaning the energetic self or life force energy.

Walking a Labyrinth means the goal is the journey of learning, then contemplating and digesting the lesson. Healing the body, mind and spirit is like pealing back the layers of an onion, and like the onion, this Labyrinth is the spiraling journey inward to reveal the root-causes, and then the unwinding outward to release, heal and let go of those things that do not serve you.

Original Medicine is the use of what Mother Nature provides for us: Aromatherapy, Flower Essence, Gems and Foods for Medicine. This also utilizes healing modalities from around the world and throughout time. All these tools are what our ancestors used to ensure health, happiness and well-being.

This practical and simple reference guide will empower you to walk as a Shaman, in harmony and balance with nature. Being the Healthcare-Provider for self and family; ensuring happiness, well-being and a oneness with nature.

Within these pages is the return to what we have lost over the past 70 years.

Personal Responsibility and Original Medicine!
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