A Fictitious Heart

by Stephinie R. Johnson

A FICTITIOUS HEART New Adult fiction novel which is not just another love story, but rather a story full of romance, violence, suspense, and drama. It is a story that can truly connect with anyone. She fights within herself to understand what love is and if it is what she is feeling. A story written over the span of the conception and life of a baby while the two lovers are impacted by jealousy, deceit, violence, and the formation of a love-triangle. She was a young adult not looking for anything, but love came knocking at her door. He had the appearance of Prince Charming, and the presence of a king. She gave him her heart, her mind, and her body which led to the conception of their love child. Pregnancy reunites the couple, but his monstrous tendencies tear them apart. She never expected her life to turn out this way. His love brought on a sense of control over her life which restricted her from her former self. His jealousy and monstrous ways frightened her. She was able to escape his grasp but allowed her heart to steer her back into his arms once again. Though love drew them back together, eventually his monster is no longer able to hide.
New Adult Fiction