Does the Glass Still Have Color?

The Journey of Living Life on the Edge of Tragedy with Love, Despair, & Hope

by Robette L. Boozer

This book is a poetic flow of emotions going beyond combatting emotional pain and heartache. It is an experience for a larger platform that is bigger than just the concept of grief. Tragedy is discussed poetically in its rawest form and how the aftermath can impact love, despair, and hope, the emotions that people are hesitant to share but carefully keep hidden within themselves. Hope is capsuled within a few hollowed moments, combined with the cries of a soul, using an interesting play of words to help others feel as though they are not alone during the healing process, or change the person’s perspective on many things as they move forward with their life. It is a collection of free verse pieces that reflect the depths of a broken heart and how love is defined and remains behind when life is impacted by an unforeseen tragedy.
Literature & Fiction, Poetry, Self-Help