January Stones 2013

One a day, written in January, welcoming returning light.

by Gill James

These stories were written one a day throughout January 2013. They were originally published on a blog called Gill’s January Stones. In fact, they were published in reverse order. The first one you read here, When Physics Got Sick was the last one to be written and originally published on 31 January 2016.
Sometimes the stories would come right at the beginning of the day. Sometimes they would take a while longer.
Do they have a theme? Not really, though the idea of ‘stones’ is one of turning them over slowly on the beach until we find the right one. It’s not a bad time of year, anyway, right at the beginning in January, as the New Year starts and the days slowly become longer.
There was no strict word count. Each story is as long as it needs to be.
In any case, each on stayed with the author until it felt finished. It had to be finished, though, by midnight of that day.
As this volume was put together, it was edited them. This just goes to show how we’ve never actually finished editing.
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