Translations from English to German

0.09 EUR per Word


I offer professional translation services for fiction and non-fiction books alike.

To date, I have translated five books via Babelcube and have two more in the pipeline:

  • E.J. Unplugged: Wie ein 9-Jähriger erfolgreich seine Mediensucht in 21 Tage überwindet by Lamees Alhassar
  • 100 kurze Wege zum Geld (formerly Geld verdienen mit 100 verschiedenen Möglichkeiten) by Bernard Levine
  • Ich, Sergeant by Nick Thacker
  • Kampf dem Darmkrebs by Tim Darvell
  • Pflanzliche Heilmittel: Heilpflanzen für Einsteiger by Nancy Ross
  • Georgina by Amanda Mariel
  • Choices (original title) by Michelle Lynn

Since Babelcube doesn't offer any marketing help, promotions, deals or anything remotely promotional, while taking quite a large chunk. And neither I nor the author have access to data needed (or so I've heard) to run promotions, ads, etc., I would like to move on to direct contact with authors.

To reduce the hassle for you, I offer fixed per-word rates as opposed to royalty share. If you would still like to do royalty share, I'm available for negotiations.

I also get word out on your new translation via social media, because I am interested in building a lasting relationship.

I also throw in a discount for the audio version of the translation - and the original if you have me - to further the impact of your book on the audience.

Payment is to be made 30% up front via PayPal and 70% at delivery of the translation. Invoices will be sent accordingly. Rate is net, VAT may apply for German businesses.



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I am a trained and certified translator, proofreader and voiceover talent. My working language pair is English > German.

I trained as technical translator, so I am very comfortable translating all kinds of technology-related topics, be that in fiction or non-fiction settings.

But what girl doesn't like a nice romance, chilling thriller, heart-stopping crime, pioneering sci-fi and enthralling fantasy?

To date, I there're 5 book translations published and am working on #6 and 7.

I am also breaking into audiobooks, but only do fixed rates, no royalty shares, because it is too much hassle for the author. But if you're willing, I am open for negotiations.