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49.00 USD for 3 Months


Finally….promote your book by email, and get a social campaign around it, to ensure your sales continue for more than a few days!

If you’re on this page then I’m guessing you want more readers. But if you’re anything like me, you probably hate promoting your own books.

You don’t enjoy being pushy. And you’d much rather be writing or with your family than spending all your time posting on Facebook or building email lists and hoping it will turn into something big.

But you know a quick boost in readers can make or break a book, getting your book attention on Amazon also-buy lists and Top 100 lists, helping to convince browsers to buy your book. If a book is doing well more people want to read it. Many of us have tried BookBub and other email book marketing services, but have found there are too many limitations, such as:

  • You can only be included once every three months – we allow once every two months

  • Some bigger lists are hard to get into – ours are easier

  • Most don’t offer any social follow up – ours do

When I first started this business after over 25 years in sales and marketing and winning a three book deal with Harper Collins, I assumed that building a large email & social media follower list would be fairly simple. After all, I had a great track record in marketing.

Of course, it didn’t turn out to be so easy.

We did well initially, in 2013, but then struggled to build our email lists organically. We had to invest in Facebook ads, Twitter Lead Ads (now gone) and Google Ads. We’ve invested a lot of money over the past three years in ads with these platforms.

We have been offering our large lists to our Featured Authors during that time, but it’s now time to offer access to these lists in a new way.



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