Book Trailer Production

275.00 USD Flat Fee


Getting your book seen by the most amount of people possible is important. Ink 2 Cinema furthers your reach by creating short (~1 minute) graphic based book trailers that make it easy for a person to become acquainted with your work.

Each trailer features a custom made soundtrack tailored to each individual books themes and topics produced by our in house composer. The track can then be used to market the book.

We pride ourselves in being author/publisher focused, devoting our energy to working with each person to overcome obstacles and limitations. 




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Ink 2 Cinema is a book trailer production company focused on creating short, graphic book trailers for every author. We've been in business for roughly 3 years and have serviced over 50 authors and publishers.

Each trailer features a custom made sound track tailored to each books themes produced by our in-house composer.

We pride ourselves on being effective yet affordable. If you are concerned about pricing or are interested in getting one made, don't be afraid to reach out.