Honest, Focused, & Timely Line Edits

35.00 USD per Hour


Vonnie York, owner and sole operator of Creative Editing Services, has 10 years of technical and creative editing and writing experience. Vonnie holds an MA in English creative writing and has a keen eye for recognizing what will sharpen a manuscript's content. Vonnie has been told by many aspiring author's, "You really get my story." In addition to line editing, Vonnie specializes in proofreading and copy editing; her technical editing skills give manuscripts a glowing finishing polish and a refinement typically found only in traditionally published manuscripts.

As a bonus, Vonnie's line editing services include a heavy discount for proofreading and copyediting following line editing revisions. Vonnie also has extensive content marketing experience and offers discounted consulting and support services to existing clients aspiring to self- and to traditionally-publishing.

Creative Editing Services is a division of Vonnie York Enterprises, LLC.



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Creative Editing Services represents 10 years of professional writing and editing experience. Owned and solely operated by Vonnie York, Creative Editing Services offers proofreading, copyediting, line editing, substantive / developmental editing, and ghostwriting services to authors with completed manuscripts or manuscripts in progress. Creative Editing Services works with manuscripts of all genres with special emphasis on memoir, mystery / detective / suspense / thriller, romance, and general / contemporary fiction.