Stuck revising your novel... I can help.


EVERY first draft is fixable. Learn exactly how to get the book you want from the wreck you wrote.

With a free writing community aimed exclusively at writers who want to write fiction for a living, either full-time or part-time, and with both free and paid classes geared to every level of experience, from short, inexpensive, in-depth topic classes like Create A Character Clinic and Create A Plot Clinic, to workshops like Title, Cover, Copy: Build Your Book's Best Tiny Salesman, all the way to in-depth career-level classes like How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers and How To Revise Your Novel: Get the Book You Want from the Wreck You Wrote, Holly Lisle provides proven, battle-tested career-fiction-writing techniques, step-by-step systems for getting your career -- whether as a commercially published or independently published writer -- to your chosen destination.


  • Create a Character Clinic
  • Create a Plot Clinic
  • Create a Culture Clinic
  • Create a World Clinic
  • How to Write Page-Turning Scenes
  • 21 Ways to Get Yourself Writing


  • How to motivate yourself workshop
  • Title.Cover. Copy. Fiction marketing workshop
  • How to beat writers' block workshop
  • How to write dialogue with subtext.

I will teach you how to write, revise, and publish with joy.








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About Holly Lisle: I'm a self-taught, commercially published novelist who sold my first novel in 1991 to Baen. I've also worked with Time-Warner, HarperCollins, Scholastic, Tor, and more, with more than thirty novels and a few million words in print in the US. I've also been translated into a dozen languages. I still write fiction, and have moved to independent publishing. It's more fun and pays better. I'm working on several novels in different stages of production right now.