War Merchant

by Patrick Parker

Dydre Rowyn wants out, but to leave her working relationship with Clayborne Zsigmond, a ruthless black market arms broker, could be a bullet.

In a world of espionage, deception, betrayal, terrorism, and murder, Dydre uses the next assignment Zsigmond gives her—the deliverance of new technology to terrorists—to escape his merciless grip. The risk she takes puts her on the firing line when her plan goes deadly wrong, and success looks bleak. Not only is her life in jeopardy but also her son’s as she finds herself pitted against Zsigmond, his mercenaries, a double-crossing businessman, terrorists, the FBI, and a man from the Department of Defense.

From Patrick Parker, author of Six Minutes Early and Treasures of the Fourth Reich, this suspense-filled thriller crosses the globe with death only a heartbeat away as Dydre maneuvers through a maze fraught with danger at every turn.